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Funding Application

In order to be considered for funding, please complete and submit an online application through our ProSeeder page. You will need to provide several pieces of information about your company and the funding that you desire, and you can also then register with the ProSeeder platform.

Do not include confidential information in your application. Neither Central Illinois Angels nor its members sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for initial proposals. If there is sufficient interest, and NDA may be signed at a later time during the due diligence process.

For specific details on our investment process, please refer to the Process Overview page.

Before you apply, please be aware that angel funding is a very specific type of equity funding for startup and rapidly expanding businesses. Keep in mind, that like most angel investment groups, Central Illinois Angels is looking for companies that opportunity for significant growth and an appropriate pre-money valuation. In general, angel investors are looking for companies that can provide at least a 10 to 15X return in a five year period.

Additionally, the following are items that angel investors are looking for in an investment opportunity:

• Sufficient market opportunity - Is the market for the product or service large enough to justify the financial projections and growth as well as the investment?
• Strategy to capture/retain market share - Once the market opportunity is shown to be sufficient, how will you be able to capture your piece of the market? What channels and sales strategies will you use? How will competitors respond to your entry and to your product?
• Barriers to market entry - Is there intellectual property associated with your product or idea? What will keep competitors from eroding your market share?
• Strong management - Does the current management team have the necessary experience to execute the full business plan? If not, how will the appropriate management be added?
• Exit strategy in place - How will the investors be able to profitably exit the business in 3 to 5 years?
• Seek advice/coaching - Are you willing to get advice and coaching from investors?
• Valuation fits risk/reward - Valuation is critical. A valuation that is too high is often the death knell of a potential investment.