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Portfolio Companies

ANDalyze, Inc. -
ANDalyze offers products for testing water contamination using catalytic DNA technologies. The company has developed a methodology for detecting and quantifying chemical levels based on the recent discovery of the catalytic properties of DNA. This technology and product is a universal platform that offers simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable detection of trace metals and other target chemicals.

Autonomic Materials, Inc. -
AMI's innovations translate to increased value for coatings producers and users alike. Recoating intervals are lengthened, minimizing labor costs and equipment downtime. By extending coating lifetimes, AMI offers the added benefit of reduced environmental impact. AMI provides a range of self-healing solutions compatible with most coatings chemistries.

BrightWater Medical
BrightWater Medical is redefining the treatment of patients suffering from ureteral & biliary blockages. More than 300,000 patients every year are treated with two operations. BrightWater’s patented technology eliminates the need for the second operation with the ConvertX™ Device, an innovation that can convert from a catheter to a stent in less than 30 seconds. The conversion can be done at bedside or in the physician’s office, thereby removing the need for a second surgery.

Endotronix -
Endotronix is developing miniaturized, wireless and implantable pressure sensors licensed from NASA. The sensors are implanted as part of interventional cardiovascular procedures and interface to an external measurement instrument. The system will provide long term patient data to improve outcomes related to hypertension, abdominal aortic aneurysms and congestive heart failure.

Gearbox Express -
Gearbox Express is the only company in North America solely focused on providing high quality, down tower, wind turbine gearbox remanufacturing services.

Intellihot -
Intellihot designs and assembles condensing tankless gas water heaters that provide continuous, never-ending hot water. The units are also 40% more energy efficient, fully condensing, PVC vented, and self learning. They also feature a built-in pump and masterless cascading.

Lucigen -
Lucigen delivers solutions to current problems in DNA cloning, sequencing, amplification, and protein expression by providing exceptionally reliable products and services to life science researchers. With a focus on quality and customer service Lucigen strives to make the time in the laboratory productive and successful.

Main Street Commons -
Main Street Commons is Peoria's premier student housing provider, taking pride in their experienced and professional management team. Main Street Commons is a place to meet people and interact; to play, study, and learn; to live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a vibrant student community.

Personify -
Personify is revolutionizing the way people communicate with video for on-line meetings, video calling, or desktop telepresence. Personify's mission is to deliver a radically improved video experience that is more immersive, compelling, and intuitive than existing video technology.

Pulse Therapeutics -
Pulse Therapeutics is a clinical stage medical device company, based in St. Louis, MO. Pulse has developed Magnetically Enhanced Diffusion or MED, for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The MED system uses intravenously injected nanoscale iron particles and a rapidly spinning magnetic field to augment drug delivery. The system may allow for much faster therapeutic delivery of lifesaving clot busting drugs.

Respiratory Motion, Inc. -
Respiratory Motion, Inc. (RMI) is a new generation medical device company developing and commercializing the ExSpironTM. RMI’s goal is to cost-effectively improve the standard of care in respiration monitoring. Ventilation monitoring is increasingly recommended as oxygen saturation levels inadequately predict ventilatory distress.

Serionix -
Serionix develops high performance technologies for water and air purification. Using fibrous activated carbon and ion-exchange materials, Serionix purification is differentiated by rapid rates of contaminant uptake, well-defined selectivity for targeted chemicals, and the potential for low-cost production.