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Process Overview

Central Illinois Angels uses a multi-step process, outlined below, to review investment opportunities:

1. Application - A company must first submit a funding application to the Central Illinois Angels page on ProSeeder.

2. Application Review - After an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by CIA administrative staff. If the submission does not meet the investment criteria of CIA, the company will be notified accordingly. If the submission does meet the investment criteria, staff will then meet with the company to review additional details before taking the opportunity to the Screening Committee.

3. Introduction to the Screening Committee - Opportunities that meet the investment criteria of CIA will then be introduced to the Screening Committee, a subgroup of the full angel membership. The Committee will then prioritize which opportunities they would like to review further with a subsequent presentation.

4. Champion Assignment - Once the Screening Committee identifies an opportunity to pursue, a Champion from the full membership will be sought to work with that company and be the liaison between the company and the angel group.

5. Presentation to the Screening Committee - If after you have submitted an application you are asked to present to the Screening Committee, you will have 20 minutes to give the angel investors a clear and concise overview of your company. In order to help you focus on what the angel investors are looking for, a proposed presentation template can be found at the link below.

6. Presentation to the Full Membership - If the Screening Committee moves the company forward, the company will then be introduced to the full membership and give a 20 minute presentation to the Membership.

7. Due Diligence - Those of the full Membership that have an interest in potentially investing in the company will then hold follow-up investor meetings and perform due diligence with regard to the investment opportunity.

8. Investment - Once Due Diligence is complete and a term sheet has been agreed upon those members that have an interest in making an investment will make an investment in the company.

[Click here for PowerPoint Presentation Template]